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Essential balance

We have close ties with society and believe that entrepreneurs should take a leading role in combating the negative impact on the environment, in implementing social policies, and in strong governance.

That is why we invest in sustainable businesses, good working conditions, and fair, sound and equitable policies, in which diversity, healthy development, and a challenging remuneration system are essential building blocks.

Hera HRI

Mutual growth, value creation and sound returns

Hera HRI has decades’ worth of combined relevant expertise and experience as owners, investors, asset managers, and hotel operators. The business focuses on maintaining liquidity in the system, preventing bankruptcies and optimizing value, use of space in, and applicable use of hospitality real estate.

We focus on the acquisition of hotels that have lost value due to internal as well as external circumstances, but that have a solid foundation and strong growth potential. Our successful performance includes making clear choices in acquisition, analyzing opportunities in the market, improving concepts and results, and getting the most out of the management team.

The investment horizon is five to seven years on average, with prospects determining whether this period is shorter or longer.

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