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New hotel operating partner and investor Hera-HRI

A solution for hotel owners and banks

Arnhem, 28 January 2021 – Bearing the name of the wife of the supreme god Zeus, Hera HRI is a new, flexible hotel partner set up to acquire and manage hotel property. It’s no coincidence that the company is being launched now.

The pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. People have stopped travelling, commercial events have moved online, and government rules discourage tourism. This has become a major problem for hotel operators, who can no longer afford the rent. In turn, property owners are struggling to meet their financial obligations. In addition, the resources for maintenance are no longer available, let alone the resources needed to carry out modifications and innovations, some of which are due to the structural changes in demand for hotel rooms. Hera HRI has been established to provide flexible assistance to property businesses and banks with their portfolios.

Larissa Esser is one of the initiators of Hera HRI: ‘We anticipate that business travel and tourism will recover once the Covid-19 crisis has passed, and that hospitality will return to health within a few years. Nevertheless, a great number of owners are likely to require capital (restructuring) whereas other may decide to pull out of the industry altogether or seize the momentum to divest their portfolio, at least in part. Our activities start where bank services stop. Hera HRI assists with the takeover of loans, financial restructuring through participation, and even complete takeover of property. In addition, we can also take care of asset management on behalf of owners and develop concepts for potential alternative usability of property.’

About Hera HRI

Hera HRI (Hospitality Real Estate Investments) is a fully integrated hotel (asset) manager and investor with a passion for the hospitality sector. In the short term, Hera HRI focuses on supporting liquidity in the system, preventing bankruptcies, and ensuring continuity of operations. Hera HRI makes life easier for investors, owners, and financial institutions through financial participation in assets, asset management, operational support, and business mediation, with the aim of mutual growth, value creation, and healthy returns.

In addition, Hera HRI has been established based on the notion that the (operational) property and hospitality sector plays a unique role in the collaborative thinking and redesign of how buildings can most optimally be used for living, working, and recreation. It is a crucial moment to display leadership and decisiveness and to effect change, something in which ESG (environment, social, and governance) also plays a critical role.

Hera HRI is an independent part of the EHM Group ( and works with a range of private investors who together with Hera HRI’s owners, provide the funding required. For further information, please see

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