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Vulnerable business model

The impact of COVID-19 on the hotel industry is unprecedented and profound, and has led to hotels and businesses facing serious cash flow challenges. A large group of operators is on the verge of bankruptcy, which is having dramatic consequences for the property owners.

It is to be expected that the pandemic and its ramifications will adversely affect reality for the foreseeable future, and that recovery will take several years. Not only that, the current situation has to an extent spurred the acceleration of trends that had already been set in motion, such as the ESG (environment, social, governance) agenda and a far-reaching integration of living, working, and well-being all under the same roof. A new chapter in/for hotels and hospitality.

Thorough knowledge, specific experience

Hera HRI has unique competencies to design and set up creative solutions and concepts, aiming at a comprehensive solution for the current and future market.

The partners at Hera HRI have decades of combined experience at C-suite level, which results in a streamlined decision-making process based on a combination of analysis and intuition.